3 Steps to A Successful Technology Industry Press Release

Regardless of your industry, the press release can be a strategic way to gain attention for your company and to grow your business. And it doesn’t matter what stage your business is in – startup or a company with a 50-year history – the press release plays a key role in success.


However, some industries have the additional challenge of being in an active field where there are many companies vying for media coverage. The technology industry is one such field. There is a lot of competition for media coverage and thousands of companies all striving for recognition. The following three tips will help you create a successful technology industry press release.

  1. Goals – Set a goal for your press release. This goal can be anything from increasing traffic to your website to getting investors to fund your startup. It could also be to boost credibility or to gain recognition for your achievements.

Instead of shooting off a press release whenever you have an opportunity to, or whenever you can concoct an opportunity, create a press release strategy that has a foundation on solid press and public relations goals. This helps create a structure for your press release campaign and supports a clear message to the media and your audience.

  1. Measure Your Results – Look, you’re in the technology industry, so if there’s anything you should be able to do well, it’s metrics. Make sure to establish metrics for each press release and each goal. You might track linkbacks, impressions, social shares and engagement, and/or visits.

Of course, the second component of measuring results is following through and analyzing those metrics. Create systems to both measure and analyze your results. Leverage technology.

  1. Create a Newsworthy Story – While it makes great sense to write press releases about new products or services, consider taking a more publication-based approach. For example, you might publish case studies or white papers for your audience. You can then write a press release about those publications.

Conduct research on your industry and publish that research. Establish high expectations for your company’s press and publicity, and then hold fast to them. You don’t always have to stick to technology-based stories and news. You can get involved in your community or in a charity or cause that is important to your company values. You can host an event, sponsor an event, or launch an initiative. That type of press helps build awareness, likeability, and trust for your organization.

The bottom line is that the technology industry is highly competitive – and that translates into your marketing initiates as well. Press releases can help you rise above the noise when they follow a strategy, leverage metrics, and when they are relevant and newsworthy.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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