Top 3 Newsroom Features to Increase Media Engagement

Company, or corporate, Newsrooms are the online media kits that are updated in real-time. With the world revolving on a need-to-know basis, an online newsroom is a necessity to a company’s success. It is where the media and other users turn to in order to find out more information about a company. On the corporate end, newsrooms can be used as a branding tactic. How? By subtly displaying the company’s message onto the site as “news”. Spinning branding initiatives off as newsworthy content benefits the exposure of a company and its site. More and more people will likely visit the page for the latest news.


As mentioned before, newsrooms should be updated in “real-time”. In the world of social media, everything is done in an instant. How does a company keep up with such demand? By creating features that will consistently draw the media and other key users back onto the site. These features should attract people back onto the site for updates. Whether it be hourly, weekly, or monthly, people should want to visit the site company updates.

There key features that keep media and others constantly visiting a corporate newsroom. The top 3 are: Multimedia Content, Exclusive Information, and Events. By having these features, people are more likely to visit your company’s newsroom.

Top 3 Newsroom Features:

1. Multimedia Content

Visualization is a major factor nowadays. Not everyone learns the same way. Some people can skim a site and understand plain text, while others are more visual. Create a visual appeal to your page and include photos, videos, or podcasts. Allow everyone who visits your site to see something that keeps their attention on the page. According to SocialMediaToday, multimedia has a longer shelf life than traditional written content and static graphics.’ People would rather watch a video of your brand story than read about it.

Social Media Aids

Make your company come to life via multimedia. Update it as often as you can to allow “new content” to be featured. People do not want to see your outdated 2005 company video. Try and create something that relates to current times. Having your social media networks integrated into the multimedia section of your newsroom can greatly improve the visualization of the section, especially if your company’s social media accounts are updated daily. You can have Instagram videos, pictures, Tweets, and other social media capabilities update on your multimedia page. This is content that your company has already created or curated, so why not use it?

Branding Visuals

The branding jargon on a company’s homepage can be overwhelming. Using a multimedia page can help convey a corporate message in a newsworthy way. Having podcasts, video interviews, or photos can help create a news buzz around your company’s message. This is your chance to take a hold of the news that gets out about your company. Get your message across clearly and effectively enough for someone to want to invest in writing or working with your company.

2. Exclusive Information

If you have an exclusive you are looking to release, why not use your corporate newsroom? All the information about your company, from the founding year to the latest innovations it has created should be on the newsroom. Press releases that a company releases should be found on the company newsroom. Announcements can be made on the newsroom portion of the site. This allows the viewer count to increase. People will tune in or constantly check for new updates. Journalists are always looking for an exclusive. With the right buzz, more media people will be attracted to your company newsroom to get the latest news. Anything that you announce can be created into an exclusive piece.

By offering an exclusive announcement on a company newsroom, more traffic is being driven onto the site. In turn, this can also result in more homepage visits and an increase in sales.

People are curious. Clicking around on an unfamiliar website and being engulfed onto the branding agenda can lead to a sale. If your release is enticing enough to a viewer, he or she will look around the company’s website to see what else can be of interest of them. They may night purchase right away, but keeping your company in mind, they can later on revert and go back. It all comes down the information that your company releases and how it brands it on the newsroom.

3. Events

Putting a face to the name is important in media. It humanizes your brand to the world, hence the importance of events. The events page on your Newsroom can display past and upcoming events. Whether your CEO is doing a panel, or if it’s a couple of photos from the company holiday party, photos, videos, podcasts, and event announcements should be welcomed to the page.

Media Relations Events

Invite people to get to know your brand at a public event. This helps build face-to-face relations that you can use to grow your business. The media can cover the event and meet employees in person to ask more personal questions regarding the company. Growing personal relationships with people greatly impacts media relations. Make a connection with them and tell them first hand about your brand. You can reiterate the information on your newsroom in person, solidifying your brand.

The need for a Company/Corporate Newsroom is essential nowadays to keep up with the demand of information the media and other users need. Making sure a company newsroom site has everything the media needs will keep them coming back for updates and more information. The three essentials: multimedia content, exclusive information, and event announcements are key to a successful newsroom. Create a newsroom that showcases your company branding, but also informs people of the necessary facts they need to write a story about your business.

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