How a Single Press Release Can Lead to Thousands of Visitors

There is a myth about press releases that you may be familiar with. You might even think it’s true. The myth that we’re talking about is that “the press release is dead.” It’s true that press releases can be used differently today than twenty years ago. For example, they can be used to improve search engine ranking. However, they’re also still widely used by the media, and one single free online press release submission can lead to thousands of website visitors and a boost in profits.

How Do Journalists Get their Leads?
The old fashioned way that journalists received their leads is actually the way they still do today. The main difference is that they now receive press releases digitally rather than via snail mail. Another difference is that they receive millions of press releases annually, which means your press release really needs to stand out to capture their attention.

However, you’ll be happy to know that when you use a reputable free online press release submission site, your press release hits the newswires, which feeds directly to journalists around the globe. Write a great release and you stand a very good chance of getting media attention which ultimately leads to thousands of potential visitors and new customers.

According to an article in PRNewswire (, more than 30,000 credentialed journalists and bloggers access PR Newswire for Journalists each month, where they tally more than a million press release views monthly.

Search Engine News Results
Using a free press release distribution site can also help you optimize your search engine results. Using this service will have some serious search-engine benefits, including appearing at the top of related Google News and Yahoo! News results. And through press release syndication you’ll get inbound links that can organically improve your business website search engine results.

Press releases are generally considered by search engines to be relevant and quality content. They’re weighed heavily and can result in an instant boost in SEO.

Your Expert Status
In addition to publishing relevant well written press releases, you should create an expert profile for the news media to access. This media page and profile will help set you apart from the others. Journalists will appreciate the ease of access and prospects will appreciate the professionalism. With free press release distribution you can get your press releases in front of thousands of journalists, and in the hands of news sites around the globe.

Free press release distribution is fast, easy and effective. Identify key product launches and newsworthy events on your calendar and create a press release strategy to capitalize and make the most of these opportunities. Free online press release submission sites make website traffic goals easier to achieve.

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