What Am I Allowed To Announce Or Promote In A Press Release?

Many new marketers get nervous at the idea of writing a press release and often ask what they are allowed to announce or promote in a release. The short answer is just about anything, as long as it is newsworthy and useful to one’s target audience, rather than just a marketing tool for the issuing company.


What is newsworthy?

Newsworthy, as the name suggests, means the information to be released to the press is fairly recent, or about to take place in the near future.

What is useful?

A useful press release will usually inform and often offer readers the opportunity to take action in some way to improve their lives.

Here are some examples of items that can be considered genuinely newsworthy and also help readers accomplish their goals:

A new product launch

Every product launched should be an occasion for publishing a press release through a distribution service in order to inform the media, and through them, the general public, about the fact that the product is available for sale.

A press release is not a sales letter, but it can stimulate sales by pointing interested parties to the URL where they can learn more and purchase the product.

A new product range launch

This is useful if you are starting a whole new range of related products, such as an organic or eco-friendly line of products.

A new business launch

An existing company might decide to branch out into an all-new related business. For example, if you are an event planner, you might decide to start offering wedding planning services as part of the whole of your business.

Celebrating a milestone such as an anniversary

Companies in business a year, five years, ten, and so on, may wish to mark the occasion in some way, such as with a live event, special offer, contest or giveaway, and so on.

Milestones can include the level of profits attained, highest share price reached, and other notable benchmarks for the business.

Mergers and acquisitions

Two companies merging is usually important to the customers of both companies, as are acquisitions, in which one company buys another.

Forming a new partnership

This might also be of interest to people already involved with the companies or the partners involved in this new initiative.

Restructuring the company

Any change in departments, department heads, promotions, sideways moves and so on might affect the way people do business with the company and are therefore worth reporting.

Opening up a new location

This is useful news for those who would wish to go into a brick and mortar location. It is also ideal to get people in the door. A special event like a grand opening, with prizes and special events, could get the new location off to a good start.

Receiving an award

Awards are always newsworthy and are a signal that the company is achieving recognition in its niche or industry.

Working with a new client

If the new client has no objection and is a top name in your niche or industry, they would be worth bragging rights in the form of a press release.

Participating in philanthropic activities

Charity events that a company sponsors, and/or participates in, raise the profile of the company and add to its prestige. A press release will show that the company cares, and is interested in giving back.

Announcing free information is available

Create a useful information product that can solve a real problem related to your niche or industry, and list the URL where they can download it. The URL should have a sign-up form on the page that will give them the information in exchange for their email address.

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