10 Dos to Write a Better Press Release

Sometimes small improvements in your press release can reap big results. Writing a great press release takes two things; it takes a good plan and some patience. No one writes a great press release the first time they sit down. Expect to create several drafts before it’s polished and ready to go, and keep these 10 tips in mind.

  1. Do interview key people – The quotes in your press release can take it to a new level. Good quotes support your news and information while branding your business at the same time. Good quotes can also be tweeted and shared on social media as standalone content. Interview key people in your organization, including executives, staff, and customers.
  2. Do link to your own supporting content – Keep readers focused on your organization. Add links to your own research, and to follow-up or supporting information. Don’t link to other websites.
  3. Do include video – Video appeals to media representatives and your audience alike, and it provides a means for readers to learn more about your company, your news, and to get involved.
  4. Do include images – Images are shared more often on social media. They can be optimized for search engines, and they add value and visual interest to your release.
  5. Do include social media links – Keep the conversation going by including links to your social media profiles. Many press release distribution services now offer social media press releases that support linking to your company’s social media profile pages.
  6. Do spend time on your headline – Your headline is the first, and sometimes the last, thing that people read. Make sure it’s good. It has to tell readers what the release is about without giving them the full information. Make them want to click on it and read more.
  7. Do include your company name in the headline or summary – Including your company name in the headline or the summary ensures that it will be seen by everyone. Many distribution services and newswires only display your headline and summary. Even if they don’t read your release, at least people will see your company name and be exposed to your organization. And your company name may inspire them to click on the release and read it.
  8. Do run it by an editor – Make sure that your press release is practically perfect in every way. It is representing who you are and what your company is about.
  9. Do include relevant facts and research – Showcase your knowledge, credibility, and authority by supporting your news with relevant industry data.
  10. Do provide value and make sure it’s newsworthy – It seems obvious, but many businesses still miss this fundamental requirement for a press release. Why is your information newsworthy and will your audience care?

If you can’t answer those questions, then head back to the press release drawing board.
Read your press release one more time before you release it to the world. Distribute it using a service. Upload it to your website or blog. And track your results. Learn what your audience responds to and what works. Make adjustments and continue to improve your press release writing.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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