Press Kit Tips For Small Business Owners

A press kit can be a valuable tool for getting your small business known into today’s market. The internet has made things easier and made the world smaller, but it has also created more noise. You have to get through that noise to be heard by potential clients and customers.

You can utilize your press kit to make your company (and you) more visible through the noise. In the past, press kits were packages that included promotional samples, business cards, and other forms. Although you can still produce a hard copy press kit, more people are turning to online press kits when they are developing their marketing plans. Journalists, editors, and producers are also looking to the digital realm to find interviews, story ideas, and authorities for existing ideas.

Top Six Must-Haves for Your Small Business Press Kit

1. Introduce your company and the company leaders. Your press kit needs to have a bio of all the leaders in your company. It should also include a bio of the company (when it started and where it is located).

2. Share your company mission statement. One of the first things you do when starting a business is create a mission statement to guide the direction of the business. Your company press kit should include this mission statement at the top of the page.

3. Offer up testimonials from existing customers and clients. The press kit for your small business needs to sing the praises of the products and services. It helps if those praises come from those that already use the products and services. If possible, include some video testimonials in your press kit.

4. Include downloadable company logos in several formats. Journalists and editors are looking for easy story creation. It helps them to have images available within your press kit that are in their preferred format.

5. Create a contact form. The easier it is to get in contact with you, the more likely journalists and media professionals will get in touch with you. Your press kit needs to include an easy to find (and easy to use) contact form.

6. Develop a calendar of events and activities where the company can be seen at work. Your press kit promotes your company and your leaders. Sharing events where they can be seen or interviewed is a great way to get them (and your small business) in the eyes of the public.

Building a presence online and in your community is a vital part of growing your success. People use what they know. Being shared in news stories or being interviewed as an authority in an industry gets you and your small business in front of people.

Press kits have always been a valuable tool for small businesses. The digital age has only enhanced their importance. Getting seen through the crowd can be a challenge. A well-developed press kit can be just what your small business needs to rise about the rest of the crowd.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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