When Should You Write A Media Release?

Many marketers get confused about when they should issue a media release. The short answer is whenever something new and exciting happens at your company. But let’s take a deeper look to help you decide when to send out media releases.


What is a media release?

A media release is a document issued by a company or other official entity to release important news and information about the company to journalists and other media representatives. The most important aspect of the media release is that it be genuinely newsworthy. It is not an ad or a chance to hype your business, but rather, to spread the word about a significant change in your company.

What kinds of things are newsworthy enough for a media release?

There are lots of occasions that can be covered by a press release. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Launching a new business
  • New product launch
  • Reaching an anniversary or milestone
  • Changing the staffing or structure of the company
  • Publishing a new ebook available for sale or download
  • Expanding the business, such as a second location
  • Winning an award
  • Making a great deal
  • Participating in or sponsoring a charity event
  • Adding a new line to your business, such as new services
  • Announcing a partnership or joint venture
  • Changing the company name
  • Getting a write up in a prestigious publication
  • Announcing you are giving a speech or keynote address
  • Hosting a trade show
  • Hosting a webinar
  • Making a public appearance on TV, radio, etc
  • Launching a new website
  • Getting an important new contract or client
  • Expanding the business or updating it
  • The new research you’ve undertaken
  • Recognition of your staff, who might be appointed to various positions within your niche or industry
  • Hosting a tradeshow, conference or fair

And so on.

Press releases should help convey the impression that your business is a “mover and shaker” with a lot going on that is worth paying attention to. This lends an air of expertise and authority. It can also open the door to other opportunities. Interested journalists might want to interview you personally, use you for comments whenever they are writing about your niche or industry, and so on.

Issuing releases regularly

You should also try to issues releases regularly, such as once a month. This will not be too difficult to do if you are growing your business strategically, because chances are you will have at least one thing from the above list that you can report about. Press releases are most effective if you publish then steadily, rather than one and done. It keeps you in the news and can get you, even more, media pickups because you will start to expand the reach of your brand.

Using a press release distribution service

The easiest way to expand your reach is by publishing each of your press releases with a press release distribution service. They vary from free to paid, but they are all used by journalists searching for ideas for stories so they can keep their target audience happy.

Add keywords related to your product, niche and/or industry and your steady flow of press releases will soon start to earn you media pickups, for more traffic, subscribers and sales.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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