What Your Real Estate Press Release Should Include

Press releases for real estate agents take much the same pattern as press releases for other industries, but to set up your template, you should make sure that you include:


  • Something newsworthy for you to talk about. Press releases should only be written if there’s something that’s worth reading about. Common press release topics in real estate are: expanding businesses, community events, real estate seminars, etc. New property listings are, of course, the biggest topics for real estate agents.
  • Only enough information and content that your press release is one page. Seriously, ONE PAGE. Resist the temptation to expand onto that second page (or to adjust those margins to fit it all on one page!). If you have that much content, turn it into a blog post or a series of blog posts, or maybe use one of your media contacts to propose a full-length story, or write an editorial under your own name.

  • The five W’s –
  • Who, as in “who is involved” in your news item that you’re writing about?
    • What, as in “what is happening” that you’re covering in your press release.
    • Where.
    • When.
    • How is this happening?
    • And, close with the Why. Why is this important? Why should people care? Why should they keep reading? This piece is especially important as it’s basically your value statement for this marketing piece.

  • What other pieces should you include?
  • The headline or heading – This should be sure to draw your reader in and make them want to keep reading.
    • The subheading – One sentence under the heading or headline that will keep drawing the reader in, providing a little bit more detail, but still keeping their appetite whet for what’s to come.
    • An introductory paragraph with your five Ws and How spelled out.
    • Three to four informative paragraphs with your data or quotations backing up what you put out in your introductory paragraph.
    • A closing with your specific call-to-action. This will vary based on what type of press release you’re writing and what newsworthy event you’re including.
    • Under the closing, be sure to include your boilerplate company information, contact information, and a logo, if you have one.

  • What else can you include in your press release to get it more attention?
  • Images in your press release can add to the exposure it gets.

If you’re posting it online or on social media, you can also include a video. Visual content like this helps to get your press release noticed.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value brand messaging and reach.

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