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What is a Media Room? 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs One

An online media room is where companies gather their top news stories, media assets, and contact details. It includes press releases, articles, awards, number sheets, and more.  

This section of the website is primarily for the media. However, potential customers will also visit to view your accomplishments and stay informed about your company’s latest news.    

Creating and maintaining a media room on your website can help you organize your news and make it easier for journalists to discover multiple reasons why they should pursue your stories.    

And that’s why in today’s blog, we’re getting back to basics and covering…   

  • The benefits of a media room   
  • Four things yours should include   
  • Tips to build a Newswire Media Room  

5 Benefits of a Media Room  

Let’s be honest…    

The internet is an overwhelming place.    

We have a lot of information to go through to find what we need for our questions, problems, and interests.  

We know what we want so if we can’t find it almost immediately, we call off the search.  

An online media room is helpful for companies as it gathers their important news and information in one place.  

So, when people search for things, an organized media room can help them find what they’re looking for.  

The other benefits include:   

  • Customization – It’s your media room, so you can do what you want with it. Customization helps companies control the narrative and position their messages based on their short- and long-term goals.
  • Convenience – Think of it as a one-stop shop where journalists can do their research about your company to help them write their stories.    
  • Communication – Everyone inside and outside of your organization can stay in the know of your company’s latest news.    
  • Accessibility – The information you share in your media room is available 24/7/365. This makes it convenient for journalists and stakeholders to access information when it’s convenient for them. For businesses with global audiences, this level of availability is crucial. 
  • Narrative – Online media rooms help brands control the narrative and present their company in the best light to the public by showcasing key messages, a mission statement and much more. All of these positive components work together to shape the perception of your target audience.

Tips for Building a Newswire Media Room  

Did you know we offer our customers the ability to build their own Media Room?  

Our Media Room is part of our Media Suite and helps journalists easily find the information they need by curating the best and most recent news.   

When building a media room, think of the quote, “if everything is bold, nothing is bold.”  

With that in mind, you’ll want to be selective and deliberate in what information you share. 

At Newswire, we do our best to make things easy for you. When you build an online Media Room with us, you’ll want to include:  

  • Headquarters address  
  • Website link  
  • Company summary (250 words) – Think of this section as your boilerplate. It’s a short description of who you are and what you do as a business.   
  • Company description – This section gives you the opportunity to expand on your summary. You can include more detailed information about your business including the history, recent awards, etc.   
  • Company type (Ex: non-profit, private, or public)  
  • Company logo  
  • Spokespersons’ contact information (Full name, job title, email address, and phone number)  
  • Social media handles – Share your brand’s social media handles to make it easier for journalists and website visitors to find, connect, and engage with you. 

Once you have this basic, yet important information filled out, it’s time to customize your Media Roo by:  

  • Sharing your images and video content.    
  • Highlighting important press releases.  
  • Designing a stunning page without code and using your brand guidelines.   

If you’d like to create one of your own, contact us today.    

Maria Marchewka is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Newswire. Maria is an experienced copywriter, social media marketer, content creator, strategist, and project manager. Her firm belief in being a practitioner and not a preacher of marketing concepts has put her in a position to help companies build brand awareness and connect with their target audiences online.

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