Tips To Release a Press Release Across Multiple Marketing Channels

Generally speaking, when you issue a press release your plan is to distribute it to a wide audience. You want to reach as many people as possible. That requires embracing multiple marketing channels.

Have a Strategy

Before you write a press release and put fingers on your keyboard, it’s important to have a strategy for your press release. What do you want to accomplish with your press release? Once you’ve identified your goal, you can then identify the appropriate and relevant marketing channels to issue your press release. Keep in mind that your press release goals should support your overall marketing goals, which ultimately support your business goals.

Coordinate the Timing

Presumably, your press release is part of a larger campaign. Most likely it’s part of a launch campaign where you’re announcing a new promotion, product, event, or service. That means that you have a series of marketing messages going out into the world.

You have prelaunch messages, emails, advertisements, and content that are all designed to support your launch. Make sure that the timing of your press release fits well into the campaign. You don’t want it competing with other messages or content. And make sure that you distribute your press release across multiple channels at the same time. Don’t stagger them.

Integrate the Message

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the message and brand that you communicate in your press release is integrated with your other content. Each piece of content that you publish before, during, and after a launch has a message.

The messages should ideally support one another and match on a fundamental level. If the voice and message conflict, you’ll confuse your audience. While you may adopt a different approach for each marketing channel (for example, you may be more conversational with email than on your website), the overall message needs to stay the same. That’s true for your press release too. Regardless of the channel, the message needs to match and integrate well with your overall campaign.

Leverage Technology

As you’re distributing your press release across multiple channels, it’s often difficult to time it well and to track your results. Technology is your friend here. Use it. One of the best resources you have with multi-channel press release campaigns is to use a press release distribution service. Find one that covers your chosen marketing channels.

You may not be able to find one that reaches all of them; for example, email marketing may not be supported. Focus on services that do support social media, newswires, and bloggers. You can use other technologies, like autoresponder services, to manage your other marketing channels and to make sure your press release reaches a wide audience.

With the technology available to you, there’s no reason why a multi-channel approach to press release distribution shouldn’t be a success. Integrate your message, coordinate the timing and create a streamlined approach to your press release strategy.

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