Tips To Outsource Your Press Releases

Outsourcing your press release writing to a professional is a good strategy. It can save you time, and while press release writers can be expensive, the end result is worth it. And outsourcing your writing isn’t the only task you can delegate. You can outsource the distribution scheduling and publishing tasks too. One of the most difficult aspects of outsourcing your press releases is finding the right person. The following tips will help you identify contractors and service providers you can trust, as well as tips on how to work with them and develop a long-term relationship.

1. Ask for recommendations and referrals. Contact your business associates and ask if they have anyone they can recommend. This is usually the best way to find a qualified writer that has a reputation for professionalism. If that’s not an option, you can search online or use a freelance job site.

2. Ask for samples. Review press release samples from any writers you’re considering. Are the releases consistently good? Does the writer have experience in your industry? Consider also asking for references and call those references. Ask about results from the press release. Are the companies getting the results they want from their press release writer?

3. Do they distribute? Some press release writers add distribution to their service offerings. Others do not; they only write the release and distribution is up to you. If they don’t distribute, and you don’t have a virtual assistant, ask if they have any recommendations.

4. Provide complete information. When you begin working with your press release writer make sure that you are providing them with all of the information they need to write an effective press release. Many writers have a questionnaire that they’ll ask you to fill out. Don’t hesitate to provide more information than you think is necessary. There’s no such thing as too much information when writing a press release. The more a writer knows about your company, the more original and authentic the piece can be.

5. Track results. When working with a press release writer, make sure to keep tabs on the results. Assess your return on investment and work with your writer to tweak releases to achieve more. Your writer may have opinions and ideas about visual elements to add and they may have suggestions about which press release distribution sites to focus on.

Be thorough in your search for a good press release writer and communicate your needs clearly. Developing a long term relationship with a good press release writer can make a significant difference to your business growth.

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