Tips to Optimize Your Press Release

Looking to get the most from your press release effort? Press release marketing is a great addition to your content marketing strategy. It helps boost credibility and authority. Press releases increase visibility and awareness. And ultimately, through media coverage, press releases help you boost your traffic and profits. Before you write and distribute your next press release, take a look at these fundamental tips for optimization.


  1. Embrace the Power of Keywords. While the traditional use of press releases for SEO is history and has been for many years, keywords still play a very important role. They improve visibility for your press release online and on social media. At the very minimum, place a keyword or keyword phrase in your headline. You can take it a step or two further by adding keywords in your subheading, first paragraph, and naturally throughout your body. The goal is to make sure your keywords sound natural. Keyword stuffing has always been a no-no, and it still is.
  2. Keep Links to a Minimum. When using links in your press release, the new rule of thumb is to keep it to three or fewer. Obviously, you’ll want a link to your website, so a call to action link is understandable and necessary. Any additional links need to be relevant and valuable. You can get penalized by Google, and other search engines, if you have multiple links in your press release.
  3. Quality is Key. In order to get the SEO results that you want, the goal is for the media to pick up your press release and to cover your news. That means your press release needs to be newsworthy. It has to provide value, be relevant to your audience, and grab the attention of the media. The best way to optimize your press release is to spend time writing a good one. Include quotes that add personality and value. Make sure you answer the 5w’s right up front. They are who, what, where, when, and why. That’s the information reporters need to know.
  4. Relevant and Interesting Visuals – For a press release to have any impact today it needs to be more than text. Journalists and reporters look for press releases that have video and supporting images. And if you’re leveraging social media to improve the visibility for your press release, then images and video are essential. Visual content is engaged with more on social than text alone. Additionally, you can optimize your images and video for search. You can add descriptions and tags to them. They’re indexed separately and can be found on search engines.

Press releases are a proven and profitable way to improve your company visibility. However, to get the most from your press release, take the time to optimize it. These four simple tactics will improve your results and get you the media coverage you’re looking for.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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