Tips To Integrate Press Releases Into Your Existing Marketing Strategy

Your existing marketing strategy likely contains a number of marketing tactics. You may use email marketing, for example, as well as social media marketing. Content marketing is undoubtedly part of your marketing strategy as well. The following tips will help you integrate press release marketing into your existing marketing strategy.

  1. Broadcast to your email list – Email marketing is an ongoing and highly effective marketing tactic. It allows you to reach your prospects in a personal way, and to share news, information, and resources with them. Press release marketing can become an integral part of your email marketing strategy. Use a press release to announce a new opt-in and to promote your offer. And whenever you issue a press release, for any newsworthy occasion, be sure to also email it to your list.
  2. Share on social media – Social media marketing is another marketing channel that requires frequent communications and effort. Press release marketing can add credibility to your profiles and help strengthen your brand. Add a media tab to your Facebook page and share your press releases on your social media page. Also make sure that your press release distribution service offers a social media distribution function.
  3. Use as part of your prelaunch marketing campaign – Before any launch there is a prelaunch campaign that’s used to build excitement for the soon to be released product or service. Press releases can be a powerful part of a prelaunch campaign. They can grab attention for your new product or service. They can also highlight prelaunch events and information. For example, if you’re releasing a free report as part of your prelaunch, you can use a press release to announce the free report.
  4. Announce events – Event marketing can be part of a brand strengthening campaign or as part of a pre-launch or email marketing initiative. Again, press releases can be effective to attract attention for your event.
  5. Share new research or information – If your organization releases studies, gathers information, or analyzes data, you can use a press release to share the new information. It helps establish credibility and strengthen your brand.
  6. Content marketing – Use releases to announce publication. As an organization you may publish often. When you publish a report, book or eBook it’s a great opportunity to issue a press release. Additionally, you can issue a release when you publish case studies, white papers, and articles in notable magazines and publications.

As you sit down to review your marketing strategy, keep in mind that there are numerous opportunities to add a press release into the marketing mix. They’re extremely cost effective and the return on investment can be high. Review your marketing plan and identify key opportunities to add a press release to the timeline.


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