Tips on Taking Your Marketing Global

Are you ready to grow your business? One of the least often pursued paths it to take your business and marketing global. There are many reasons why people avoid going global, one of them being the amount of legwork that goes into doing so. However, the benefits may outweigh the work you have to inly do. Let’s explore some of the most beneficial tips on taking your marketing efforts global…

Audience and Cultural Differences

Your marketing message in the United States may not translate the same abroad. How do you make it seamlessly translate across the world?

Before you take your marketing global, make sure you have a clear understanding of your audience, their needs, goals, and how they communicate. Get to know the cultural differences, so you are able to connect and engage, rather than offend and create distance. This helps bond the two of you together, even though you are miles apart.

One Language at a Time

There are many steps to taking your marketing global. They include creating content in the language that your audience speaks. It also means creating a website in that language. One idea is to tackle one country at a time with your global marketing initiatives. However, you might also tackle one language at a time. Spanish is always a good place to start because it’s the official language of 20 countries. Of course, the language or country that you choose to initially focus on depends on your niche and audience.

Test and Track

Test and Track. Just like you would with any new marketing tactic in the United States, you will test your tactic and track the results. It’s no different from any global marketing initiative.

For example: If you’re building an email list for your Spanish speaking audience, you will create a few slightly different opt-in pages or calls to action.

Find Good People

You may want to consider working with someone in the area you’re focusing on.

When starting your global initiative in another country, make sure to have knowledge about their market. You should be familiar with their business and industry. Find someone who is familiar with YOUR industry and can give you insight on that country and your company.

Finding good partners or people to support you can make a huge difference and save you time and money.

Planning Before Going Global

Before you decide to go global with your marketing, there’s a bit of planning to do. Know where you’re marketing, who you’re marketing to, and how that message needs to change to reach your new audience. Start slowly and stay focused on your global marketing efforts.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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