Three Ways to Win Over the Media Online

Looking for ways to grab media attention and hold it? Media outreach is the process of engaging with key media representatives and building relationships, with the goal of obtaining or earning media coverage for your business. It’s a long game. It takes time to build relationships and develop trust and credibility with the media. However, with a few proven tactics, you can shorten your timeframe and get to the good part – positive press and PR for your company.


Winning Over the Media

  1. A Solid Foundation – Grabbing media attention is one thing. You can do that with a catchy headline, a value-driven tip or tidbit of information strategically shared, or by making a promise. However, building a relationship is another. That takes trust and earned credibility. When someone grabs your attention, what do you do? Chances are you head to their blog or website and you read their other content. If their content is great, then you take further action. If their content isn’t, then you forget about them. Media representatives go through the same process. They’ll go to your blog or website. They’ll look at your other content. If you have a solid content foundation, they’ll remember you, they’ll engage, and the relationship process moves along quickly. Look at your existing content. If it needs to be taken up a level, start that process now, before you begin your media outreach efforts.
  2. Consistency – How awkward is it when you meet someone and they say to you “We’ve met before” and you have no recollection of it? Pretty awkward, right? It’s happened to everyone. But after a few meetings you remember them. It’s about consistency. Generally speaking, most people need to see a brand or a person three times before they are able to create a solid memory. That requires consistency. To win over the media, they first have to remember you. Make sure that once you begin the engagement and relationship-building process, you stick with it. Create a plan to engage with them daily or a certain number of times each week and follow through. Help them remember who you are.
  3. Always Offer Value – “Great post” is perhaps one of the most annoying comments a person can receive. It offers no value (other than perhaps an ego fluffing) and it doesn’t further the conversation. When you engage with the media, or for that rate when you engage with anyone online, make sure you’re offering value. Opinions aren’t valuable. Information is.

If you want your media outreach plan to succeed, you have to be strategic about it. Know who you’re targeting, what they like, and how they engage. Have a solid content foundation and continue to build on it with consistent and valuable information.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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