4 People to Interview For Your Press Release

When you’re writing a press release you’re writing for a varied audience. You want media representatives to pay attention and hopefully cover your story. You also want fellow industry experts to share it, comment on it, and help drive traffic. Finally, you probably want your prospects and customers to pay attention to your press release. The people you choose to interview for your press release can make all the difference. They can help you achieve your press release goals and marketing success.


Pick up the phone and reach out to your best customers. They can be fantastic resources for your press release. Not only can they help identify benefits and give you your audience’s perspective, they can also provide you with quotes that really speak to your reader. Quotes are what give your press release personality and they’re the primary reason to interview people. When your quotes are relevant and authentic, they’ll be more powerful.

The Staff Involved in the News

Take a look at the people who were involved in the news you’re promoting in your press release. For example, if you’re releasing a new product then who was involved in the product creation? Interview them. If you are releasing news about a staff promotion or a special event then interview the people being promoted or hosting the event. They will be able to give you insight into the news and terrific quotes.

Upper Level Management

Consider interviewing your CEO, CFO or your Chief Marketing Officer. They will likely have authoritative information for your press release. And quoting your upper level management can help you add credibility and authority to your press release. Additionally, media representatives and journalists will appreciate the information that they can provide.

Guy on the Street

Finally, in some cases it makes sense to interview random people. For example, you might get a focus group together. You can ask them questions related to your new product or service. The information they provide can help give you direction for your launch and for your press release. The data that you gather from them can be used in your press release and you can quote them in your material.

Remember that quotes help add personality and interest to your press release. Interviewing people is the only way to really get original and quality quotes. Take a look at the news you want to share and make a list of three people to interview. You don’t have to include quotes from all of them. However, you’ll have more material to choose from. Strengthen your press release with quotes and interviews.

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