The Value of Press Release Distribution

With so many marketing tactics to choose from, you might wonder what press release distribution has to offer. They aren’t easy to write, at least not well. There have been changes to the way Google indexes and ranks press releases and it can be difficult to grab the attention. So where’s the value and how on earth can it be worth all that hard work?

Thousands and Thousands of Readers
It may sound like a gross exaggeration, but press release distribution legitimately offers you the ability to reach more readers than you’ve ever imagined. Here’s why… when you publish your press release on a quality distribution site, it doesn’t stay on that site as a static page. It’s sent to other top quality websites. It’s viewed by people at each site and readers who visit. They share the press release and your readership snowballs. Press releases are distributed on newswires, through syndication, and on social media.

Website Traffic
All of those readers click through when they read your press release, because your call to action is amazing and compelling. They click and visit your website. Now your traffic has increased. Hopefully, you have something for all of those new visitors to do when they get to your site. They take action and your profits increase or your list grows.

Credibility, Authority, and Awareness
A newsworthy press release distributed through quality channels helps you build your business in ways that matter. People not only become more aware of your business, they hold you in high regard. You’re respected, and that’s how you gain loyal clients and customers. As a side bonus, you’re also able to share your story, vision, and mission with the world.

Gain Media Attention
Finally, the ultimate goal of a press release is to gain the attention of the media. Whether you connect with local media, industry media, or national media, it can change the face of your business. Press release distribution gives you the ability to reach out to more journalists than you can manage on your own – journalists who may be searching for a story just like yours to cover in the news.

If you’re wondering what press release distribution services have to offer, the answer is a lot. They’re a useful tool for building your reputation. You drive traffic to your website, increase your search engine optimization through syndication and inbound links. And you have the opportunity to grab media attention.

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