The Benefits of Creating a Digital Newsroom

Do you have a digital newsroom for your business? While some people define the term “digital newsroom” differently than others, it’s generally understood to be a place on your website where the media can find information about you and your business. However, it’s more than a simple media page. A digital newsroom is a dynamic and constantly changing source of content. And that versatility and activity is what makes it such a powerful tool for your business.


#1 Media Attention A digital newsroom consists of a wide variety of content. In addition to publishing press releases in your newsroom, you’ll also publish any business or industry-related news. You can publish and share reports, eBooks, videos, white papers, case studies, webinar recordings, company bios, infographics and anything else that you think the media might value. Keep in mind that media representatives in your industry are constantly looking for information, story ideas, and credible sources. By creating a digital newsroom you’re tapping into that need. Also keep in mind that simply publishing content in your newsroom isn’t enough. You want to let people know that it’s there. You have to promote it.

#2 Lead Generation Your digital newsroom can also be a source of lead generation. Ideally, your newsroom content is optimized for search. So when people are looking for your information or using keywords that you use in your digital newsroom content, they’ll find you. A digital newsroom boosts search traffic. It also builds your brand as one that is credible and authoritative – two buying triggers. We buy from companies that we respect and consider to be good sources of quality information. Your digital newsroom can help you accomplish that goal. To make this benefit effective, be sure to include some type of call to action to help your visitor stay engaged with your company.

#3 Content Marketing The best digital newsrooms are packed with a wide variety of content. They’re diverse in the format, objective, and information the content contains. For example, sharing a case study is different than sharing a video seminar or a press release. All of this is content that can be used to promote your business. Whenever you post something new in your newsroom, let people know about it. Upload a white paper… share it on social media. Send out an email announcing its release. Create a new video? Upload it to Facebook and drive traffic to your website. A digital newsroom is one more quality tool that you can use to disseminate information, connect with the media, and build your lead list. It’s a great way to archive your press releases in a professional and productive manner. It’s also a simple way to build your audience and grow your profits. Start creating your newsroom today.


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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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