How to Create a Press Release Marketing Strategy

Don’t make the same mistake so many businesses make. They see an opportunity to issue a press release, or they create an opportunity. Then the write the release, distribute it, and wonder why nothing happens. The reason why nothing happens is that they had no direction. They had nothing to measure and no real purpose for writing the press release. Before you seize this opportunity, create a press release marketing strategy.

Step 1 – Review Your Business and Marketing Goals
Your press release marketing goals need to be aligned with your business goals and your other marketing goals. For example, if your goal is to increase your sales leads by 10% then your press release marketing strategy might have the goal of building your email list. Your business and marketing goals will be the leader for your press release goals. Make sure they’re aligned and complementary.

Step 2 – Create Your Press Release Marketing Goals
Each press release you create can have a different goal. For example, one press release might be created to increase sales for a new product. Another press release might be designed to motivate people to sign up for your opt-in list by announcing the release of a new free report. So while your press releases can have different goals, it’s important that each release has a clear and defined goal. That means it needs to be time-sensitive and it should be measurable.

Step 3 – Identify and Plan Newsworthy Opportunities
The opportunity to issue a press release is one to take advantage of. Not everything your company does is newsworthy, so when you do have something that can grab the media’s attention it’s a moment to seize. Look at the plans for your organization for the upcoming year. What products and services are you going to launch? What changes to your business model are possible? What events will you be hosting or attending? What educational opportunities or information products will you publish?

In addition to looking forward and identifying opportunities to write press releases, also look for opportunities to create news. For example, maybe you’ve been looking at refreshing your opt-in offer. Create a new incentive like a free eBook and write a press release to announce it.

Step 4 – Test, Track, and Measure
Part of a marketing strategy and plan is not only identifying goals but also establishing how you’re going to measure and track success. Analytics are helpful for gathering information, as are social media and press release distribution reports.

Once you have a solid marketing strategy, you’re ready to begin creating quality press releases. Distribute them in a manner that helps you achieve your goals. For example, send your release to your media list, use a distribution service to make it available to the public and to newswires, share it on your blog and media page, and send it to your email list. A strong press release marketing strategy builds business and helps you achieve your company’s goals.

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