The Benefits And Importance Of Using Press Releases Online For SEO

There are a lot of tactics out there in the area of search engine optimization. One method that seems here to stay, at least for now, is the promotion of press releases. Though there is debate about the future of these releases, websites and other services still use these in order to assist their clients in getting their websites seen.

Different News sites that have these press releases are Yahoo News, AOL News, CNN, as well as MSNBC. The different wire services at the top churn out thousands of these press releases every day.  To maximize the most seo benefit out of your press release submissions here are a few tips that can surely help:

  • Optimize your Title with your Keywords – These have headlines of 80 characters or less, and include important keywords for SEO. It has been for a while and still is an important method of search engine optimization to include the keywords in the headline as well as the message of the press release. So you must include the keywords you are trying to be found for in the Title of your press release.
  • Include Keywords in your Press Release – You have to include the keywords you want to be found for in the search engines in the body of your release.  It also helps to choose keywords that might be hot topics at the moment. So if possible, find keywords that relate hot current events that people are seeking out. Keep the language easy to understand and free of jargon. That is so important.
  • Include links to your website – Technically speaking without any links in your press release you won’t get any seo benefit. So this is a must. You have to link out to your website using the keywords you are wanting to optimize your website for. Make sure though not to overdo it. A safe bet is 2 links in the body of your press release and possibly a couple more in other areas, if the pr service provider allows for it.
  • Add Images, Videos, and other Media – Your goal is to make sure your reader has all necessary information about your message or announcement. Adding images, videos and other media files can help achieve this and make it easier for your reader. Plus, press releases with more media may be more favorable to the search engines online. So if you have them, add them to your press release.

There are many things that can be done to enhance the press release, as well as add to the SEO of the site. Just make sure that it is sleek, easy to understand, and surely has your keywords on the most important pages of the news that you crank out.

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