Press Release Titles That Work

Writing a great press release title or headline can be complicated. You want it to be both newsworthy and attention grabbing. It can be a tightrope that’s difficult to walk, and it’s a tough balancing act. For many, they find that writing a great press release title comes with practice. 

Other people prefer to learn by looking at examples. And of course there are those that need a combined approach. So let’s talk about a few press release titles and point out why they do, or don’t, work. You can then use that information to help you craft your own attention-grabbing press release headlines.

Newsworthy But Not Interesting

Here’s a headline to consider (we’ve changed the name of the organizations in all of the following examples): ABC Education and Childcare Market Research Report – 2017. It’s true that this is probably newsworthy, and I imagine that it has some good information in it. However, to make this a better headline it should hint about what information the report found and why people should care. 

Both Interesting and Newsworthy

Here’s a headline that fits the bill both in terms of showcasing the benefit of their announcement or news and making it relevant: EzPaycheck Software Speeds Up Payroll Processing for Seasonal Contractors. Seasonal contractors can appreciate the benefit, but you might also find that industry bloggers and media representatives pick up on this press release as well. It’s a well written headline because it’s simple, benefit driven, and straight to the point. 

Not Newsworthy

Sometimes businesses forget that their press release is not a sales page. The following headline (again, the name of the store has been changed) is one that just doesn’t provide any news, nor is the claim something that they can back up: SuperFishStore to Offer the Best Fish Supplies Online. 

Instead of stating a claim that cannot be backed up, a better approach might have been to cite some aspect of their store or service that makes them the best. For example, if they are the only fish store to offer free shipping. That might be both newsworthy and compelling to the audience. 

Compelling and Newsworthy

The following headline is a good one because it appeals to the media and the general public while also successfully promoting the business: Film Stars Visit Adds More Fun & Excitement to AlphaOne’s Ongoing “End-of-Season Sale.” This may be exciting news for the community, something that the media is sure to pick up on, and the headline and press release undoubtedly drove more traffic to the end of season sale. 

When it comes to writing a headline, it can take practice. Read press release and examine the headlines to see what you think. Which ones work for you, and why do they work? Which headlines don’t work, and why not? Apply the knowledge to your own press release title writing skills and improve your results. 

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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