Press Release Keywords and Hashtags – Dos and Don’ts

There are many elements that you can add to your press release and to your press release marketing strategy to improve the results. Keywords can help improve readership and they can have an impact on search engines. Hashtags benefit you on social media. Let’s take a look at the Dos and Don’ts so you make the best choices for your press release marketing strategy.

Do Use Keyword and Hashtags

Many people forget that keywords and hashtags are valuable tools. They generate interest, and they help prospects and media representatives find your information. They also can help with search engine optimization when your press release is syndicated.

Don’t Stuff

Avoid the temptation to jam your press release full of keywords. This used to work a long time ago when Google was naïve about the way that business owners were gaming the system. They’d pack the release with keywords and get top page rankings. Well, Google is wise now and they no longer recognize press releases with the same credibility. It won’t help your SEO and it’s not fun to read.

Do Write for Readers, Not Search Engines

Write for your readers first. Don’t add any keywords, unless they occur naturally, until you’re in the editing phase. Once you start editing, you can add keywords where they feel natural and relevant.

Do Include Keywords in Your Links

When you link to other pages on your website, make sure to include keywords in your URL and possibly in your anchor text. It helps motivate readers to click.

Do Include #Press Release

Do include the hashtag #PressRelease when you share on social media. First, it helps the media find your information. Secondly, it lets others know what your post is before they click on it. It’s professional and embraces transparency.

Do Add Hashtags When You Share on Social Media

When sharing your press release on social media, do add your keywords with hashtags. Again, this helps people search for your information. It also gives you tools to track your press release’s success.

Don’t Forget to Track the Results

Speaking of tracking your press release results; don’t forget. Use your hashtags and keywords to evaluate the number of shares, retweets, and popularity.

Do Research First

Use hashtags to research popular search terms before you write and distribute your press release. For example, if you’re writing a press release for the weight loss industry, what hashtags are trending right now? What’s popular and how can you tap into that trend?

Don’t Forget to Place Them in Your Headline and Subheading

Keywords are often most effective when there are included in the first thing that your prospects may see. Using keywords in your headline and subheading means that all potential readers may be more likely to read your release if they’re able to quickly identify its relevance and value to them. If they don’t see a keyword, they may not think the release provides them any benefit.

Do Add Them to Your Images

Make sure that all of your images are tagged and that keywords are in the description. Images in your press release may be indexed and this can give you good page ranking for those images. It makes your images more searchable.

Don’t make the same mistakes so many other business owners make. Spend time crafting a press release marketing strategy. Use keywords and hashtags as part of your tactics for success.

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