Press Release Distribution: How It Still Works For SEO

There are many reasons why you might publish a press release or use a press release distribution site. These reasons include building awareness, driving traffic, attracting media attention, and boosting search engine optimization (or “SEO”). While press release distribution may not directly result in SEO page rankings because some search engines don’t index them anymore, there are still compelling reasons why releases still work for SEO.

Shared Content Boosts SEO
When you utilize a press release distribution site you’re making your release available to people around the globe. It’s accessible via newswires, and if you optimize it for social media then some or all of the content may be shared or bookmarked. These shares help boost your SEO. Couple that with the fact that press release distribution attracts visitors who may share your website or news and you’ve got a powerful SEO tool.

Backlinks and Search Engines
Good press releases – we’re talking about well written, attention grabbing and relevant releases – get syndicated by top quality sites. The more highly regarded websites your press release is published on, the higher your search engine rankings. The backlinks help boost your website SEO.

Keep in mind that while keywords and keyword density don’t really matter for initial search engine rankings, they do matter with syndicated content. Search engines will index your press release on other people’s sites so it does help to pay attention to your keywords in the body of your press release.

Coveted Attention from People That Matter
Press release distribution is a great way to get your website in front of the movers and shakers in your industry. You can bet that the big names in your niche all pay attention to the news feeds. The media does too. When your press release hits the news feeds it has the potential to grab their attention. Who is the biggest name in your industry? Imagine if they saw your press release and blogged about it or talked about it on social media? Not only would your website traffic skyrocket, your SEO ranking would too.

While the way to use a press release for search engine optimization has changed, the benefit still exists. You can boost your search engine rankings with press release distribution. Press releases are still a great way to engage your audience and build your business. The key is to make sure they’re top quality releases circulated with the best distribution sites on the web.

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