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Media Pitching Can Improve Your Press Release Distribution 

Press releases are a staple in public relations strategies. They serve as formal announcements to the media and public about a company’s latest news and updates.  

In the digital age we’re living in, it’s no longer enough to send a press release and expect media coverage.  

As brands compete for consumer attention, they must find ways to stand out. Media pitching is a tried-and-true way for brands to ensure their press releases get noticed by the media.  

This blog post explores how media pitching can amplify your press release distribution efforts and improve your online visibility.  

What is media pitching? 

Media pitching is the process of sending personalized messages to media contacts to persuade them to share your story. 

Press releases are formal, while media pitches are personal and tailored to the recipient. 

We cover the basics and include a free template in this blog post 

How can media pitching enhance your press release distribution efforts? 

Press releases should be the foundational piece of your media outreach strategy.  

From there, media pitching acts as the megaphone that amplifies your news.  

Using press release distribution and media pitching together can increase your chances of getting media coverage, which boosts brand awareness.  

Here are a few ways media pitching can enhance your press release distribution efforts: 

Personalized Outreach 

When done correctly, media pitching is a personal effort that helps you connect with a media contact on an individual level. Once you’ve pinpointed who you want to pitch with the help of a Media Database, it’s time to tailor your message.  

You can highlight how your brand aligns with the journalist’s interests and preferences. 

You can create personalized pitches by researching journalists’ topics and beats.

This will show that you’ve done your homework and know what your audience wants.  

Relationship Building 

Yes, the end goal of media pitching is securing coverage. But in the big picture, it’s about creating and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with media contacts.  

By learning about journalists, you can become a trusted source and their go-to expert in your industry.  

Maximize Reach  

To increase your brand’s exposure and attract new audiences, you should find important media contacts in your industry and customize your pitches to these contacts.

This will ultimately help you increase your brand’s exposure and attract new audiences. 

Generate a Buzz 

Writing compelling media pitches that highlight the newsworthiness and relevance of your story can capture media attention and spark their interest.  

Whether it’s a product launch, a new hire, or a thought leader piece, media pitching creates a buzzworthy narrative that helps you stand out.  

4 Media Pitching Best Practices  

Effective media pitching requires strategy and a professional approach. 

Here are five best practices to keep in mind: 

Research Your Targets 

We might sound like a broken record but heed this advice: Do your research before sending a media pitch. 

The last thing you want to do is send a pitch to a journalist who no longer covers your industry. 

Not only does this show you’re unprepared, but it can also taint your credibility. 

Studying journalists and their recent work helps you tailor your content to meet their needs. It also demonstrates that you have prepared thoroughly. 

Keep Your Content Concise and Compelling 

Journalists are busy, and their inboxes are flooded with pitches. To make the best use of their time, we suggest getting right to the point to capture their attention.  

Use clear and concise language and highlight the most newsworthy aspects from the start.  

Be of Value 

Don’t just tell journalists why your news is valuable; show them.

You can share new data and expert insights or leverage a unique angle. Your goal is to include something that sets your story apart from the competition.  

Keep Track of Your Results 

Organization is a crucial component of effective media outreach. Keep track of what’s working and what’s not. Look at key metrics such as open rates, responses, and media coverage.  

This information helps you refine your approach and improve your media pitching efforts. 

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