LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that 52% of business-to-consumer companies report acquiring a customer from LinkedIn? LinkedIn is known for the ability to help professional network job search and make connections. But, it can help increase a company’s marketing efforts. The following tips can help you find, grow, and sell to your audience on LinkedIn.


1. Publish Content Readers Can Take Action On

Content for the sake of content just won’t cut it anymore. It’s too competitive on social media. Once you have the attention of a reader, you need to capitalize on it immediately. That means making sure your reader takes action. Now this action can be clicking on a link and reading another post. It can mean filling out a contact form, leaving a comment, sharing your post or signing up for your email list. Make sure there’s something for them to do with every post you publish. And it doesn’t have to be a call to action. You can provide valuable content that gives your reader something to do, like tips for a better night’s sleep.

2. Publish Often

Like any social channel, consistency creates awareness, trust, and credibility. LinkedIn offers the ability to publish a variety of content types including images, video, and print content. Consider publishing daily and varying your content type. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is often a site for industry news, so you can curate content and create quality posts as well as original content.

3. Advertise

LinkedIn offers advertising, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their advertising program has improved over the years and is now on par with other social sites. You can use their Matched Audiences tool to retarget the visitors that are already in your sales funnel.

4. Leverage Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are a lot like groups on Facebook. Created with a similar interest or purpose in mind, they’re an opportunity for you to connect with people who are interested in your niche.You can learn a tremendous amount from LinkedIn groups. Through these groups, you can build relationships with people who can become customers. You can create and participate in conversations about your industry.

5. Don’t Forget the Media (and Influencers)

Media representatives in your industry absolutely have profiles on LinkedIn. Use the best of your media relations and/or influencer marketing strategy. Connect and engage with these individuals to boost traction of your profile. LinkedIn operates similarly to other social sites in that content, engagement, and tracking are the keys to success. If your audience is on LinkedIn, and chances are that it is, consider creating your profile today and creating a content strategy.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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