How To Stay Committed To Your Media Outreach Plan

We’ve ALL been there. You’re working your socks off trying to market your business effectively, but feel like no one is paying attention to a word you say. Subscribers and sales are flat and it seems like the harder you try to move forward, the more you stand still.

If this sounds like you at the moment, you’re probably feeling less than committed to your media outreach strategy. But not to worry. Here are some tips for getting back your marketing mojo.

Today is a new day

Every day is a new day in marketing, so try, try again. But first, you might want to fix some of your main errors, so you will see more results from your efforts and will renew your commitment to your media outreach.

How much do you push versus pull?

Most marketers push. This is why you are so exhausted. Media outreach is both push and pull. You can send out press releases and pitch stories, pushing your message and hoping for media pickups. But don’t forget pull strategies, in which you can lure your target audience like a magnet, getting them to come to you to learn more.

Social media, influencer marketing and fostering a strong community such as through a Facebook group or a niche-related forum or discussion board can all entice those interested in your niche to want to engage with your brand. Focus on subscribers rather than sales, and you should soon have a responsive email marketing list eager to hear from you. In this way, you can build a relationship, trust, and loyalty. This can turn your subscribers and customers into enthusiastic brand advocates willing to tell everyone about your great products and services.

Master what you can control

It may seem like complete luck or chance when it comes to getting media pickups. You can increase the odds in your favor by being honest about the quality of your media outreach. Look at:


Are they intriguing, exciting? Have you added keywords?


Do they support the headlines, and give a good summary and tease of what the reader can expect if they read more?

3-How newsworthy your press releases are

If you are just issuing a release or other media outreach for the sake of it, it will show.

4-How focused they are on what the people in your niche really need

Have you done enough niche and keyword research to know what the hot topics are in your niche?

5-How focused it is on your target audience, rather than your company

It should be all about THEM, not all about you.

6-Is your work error-free?

Check everything, even down to the last tweet.

7-Have you included at least 1 image?

This will give you a much greater chance of media pickups.

8-Are you setting a goal for every outreach?

It’s hard to determine your level of success if you don’t have a clear goal or milestone.

9-Are you creating a call to action for every outreach?

What do you want your target audience to do after seeing your piece? This can also help you measure your progress towards your goal, which should, in turn, help you stay committed to your media outreach.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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