How to Leverage the Holiday Season in Your Press and PR Campaigns

The holidays present an abundance of opportunities to market and grow your business. It’s a time where most audiences are focused on the season in one form or another. As a business, your press and publicity can play an important role in how successful you are doing this upcoming holiday season.

1. Special Sales and Promotions

The holidays are ideal opportunities to provide more value for less money. Whether you sell a product or a service you can tap into this money-saving concept for your clients and prospects. For example, if you offer a virtual administration service you might capitalize on how busy the holiday season can be for business owners and offer a discounted service package for the month. Issue a press release announcing how the new sale or promotion benefits your audience. Don’t focus on the sale itself, everyone is having a sale during the holidays. That’s not news. Talk about the value and benefits your audience receives.

2. A Time for Change

The religious and cultural celebrations aren’t the only way to capitalize on the holidays. The New Year and all that goes with it can be a great way to start off your fiscal year too. Press releases can center on any major changes you’re making to your company in the upcoming year and why you’re making them. Keep in mind that it has to be newsworthy – focus on the story and how it impacts your customers. You might also focus on the New Year from your prospect’s perspective. For example, if you are a personal trainer then you might talk about a new program designed to help people actually keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions.


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3. Start Early

The holiday season begins before Thanksgiving. Start building excitement and a connection to the media well before the holidays arrive. Start the planning now and be ready to begin making announcements in early November. You’ll beat your competition in the race for awareness and attention.

4. Leverage Social Media

Issuing a press release isn’t enough. Make sure that you promote that press release. Social media is one of the best tools you have for press release promotion and public relations. Again, as you begin to create your plan for the holidays, be sure to create a corresponding social media plan to promote all of your efforts. You may want to look at interacting and engaging more often during that time and in the time leading up to it.

5. Follow Up

Don’t let all of the gains you make during the holiday season fall flat. You’re going to build a lot of momentum during the season. You’ll be increasing awareness, and ideally making sales. Create a plan to capture leads.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Start planning now. Create a press release plan. Identify how you’re going to distribute and publish those press releases including your press release distribution service. Make this holiday season your best yet.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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