Why You Need a Company Newsroom

Do you have a company newsroom? No, we’re not talking about a physical newsroom, we’re talking about a virtual one. A company newsroom is a place on your website where you keep all your news and press releases. Having one can make a significant difference in your marketing and PR success.


What a Company Newsroom is and What It Isn’t

An online newsroom or company newsroom is a place on your website where you publish all your news. It contains things like archived press releases, with the most recent release first. It contains facts and industry information, and it contains images relevant to your company and industry. It might also contain a calendar of upcoming events as well, as company biographies and photos.

It isn’t a place to make a sales pitch or to market or promote your products. Think about what a media representative might want when they visit your site – that’s what goes into your newsroom.

Why Create a Newsroom?

A company newsroom provides some obvious benefits. For example, when you capture media attention with a press release, you can direct them to your newsroom for more information. A company newsroom gives the journalist the information they need and you’re more likely to have your story covered.

But there are more benefits that are a bit less obvious.

SEO – A company newsroom packed with relevant information and keywords about your business provides you with another opportunity for content that will improve your search engine rankings.

Website Traffic – This is a direct result of your SEO improvements. When people can find your website and information quickly, and you’re at the top of the search results, you’ll get more traffic to your website.

Attracts Media Attention – The members of your target audience aren’t the only folks searching for information online. Reporters and media representatives are as well. An online newsroom can help attract the media attention that can help grow your business and bottom line. They may find you when they’re doing research on your industry or looking for story ideas.

Industry Credibility and Authority – An online newsroom is a source of factual and relevant information. You’re sharing data, research, and information about your company and industry. With both your audience and the media, this type of content helps you build a trustworthy and credible reputation. And that’s a buying trigger for your prospects. We buy from companies that we trust.

It’s Free, and What Else Would You Do with Your Old Press Releases?

There’s little to no cost to add a company newsroom to your website. You’re already creating and distributing press releases. Adding a few additional fact pages and company photos doesn’t take any more out of your marketing budget.

Take the time to add a company newsroom to your website. Share any additional content you create for the page online to drive traffic. And make sure you include the link to your newsroom in future press releases.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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