How to Leverage Social Media for Your Brand

Branding can feel like a full-time endeavor. There’s research to be done, people to engage, and content to create. It requires a solid strategy and attention to results. Social media can be one tool that helps you get the brand recognition you desire, while also making it easier to measure your results.


Engagement & Awareness

Awareness is the number of people who have heard of your company or who are “aware” of your brand. Engagement is the number of people who take action on your social media content.

Brand awareness can be enhanced or increased on social media by engaging with social media influencers.

These are people who have a loyal following, and their followers take actions on their recommendations. If they say, “I love this product,” then their followers check out the product. So a brand mention by an influencer in your industry can be huge for increasing awareness.

The first step is to identify influencers in your industry. These people don’t need to be the people with the biggest audiences. But they should be people who engage with them and who are loyal. They engage regularly. Once you’ve identified a few influencers, start engaging with them. Provide valuable content on their posts. Share information with them. Build a relationship.

Engagement is the other facet of social media that can help you build your brand.

Engagement occurs when someone likes, comments, shares, or reposts your content. First you want to make sure you know what your audience’s pain points are, and then you provide content that helps them solve their problems. Ask questions. Invite conversations. Share stories. Respond to comments, shares, likes and reposts. Let your followers know that you’re paying attention and that you care.

Test various types of content and test your social sites. You may find, for example, that your Facebook audience is much more active and engaged than your Instagram audience. You can test by sharing the same content across multiple social media channels.

The channel with the biggest response can be a clue to where your audience really hangs out.

Advertisements. One additional way for you to leverage social media is to take advantage of the highly targeted advertising capabilities. You can use advertising to put your products or services right in front of the very people who are searching for them; the people who are most likely to buy. Social media provides numerous opportunities for you to build your brand recognition. Identify your goals, including engagement, influencers, and followers. Take strategic steps toward building your brand with social media.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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