How to Get the Timing of Your Press Release Right

The timing of your press release can make a difference in your results. Not only is it important to make sure that you distribute your press release on a day and time that will get the most attention. You also want to make sure that you distribute your press release so that it aligns with your goals. For example, when you launch a new product you want to make sure the release corresponds with your launch timeline. The following tips will help you make sure you get the timing right.

Launching a New Product or Service? Consider issuing two press releases. One can be issued a week before the launch to build excitement. Another release can be distributed the day of the launch. Both releases are designed to help capture attention; however, the call to action and the goals for the releases will be different.

Avoid the Weekends – Don’t issue a press release on the weekend. It’s a surefire way to make sure that your release will be buried by hundreds of other press releases issued before people get to work on Monday morning.

Consider Avoiding Friday – Most media reps are wrapping up their weeks. They’re not looking for stories to cover. And any releases they don’t see on Friday will be buried by Monday. 

Monday is Competitive – There are pros and cons to issuing your press release on Monday morning. It’s a great idea because you’ll grab attention for all of the people getting right to work at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately, your release will also have to compete with all of the other companies that distribute releases on Monday morning. It’s one of the more popular times to distribute a release.

Track the Results – Mid-week in the morning tends to be a good time to distribute your press release. However, it still makes good sense to track the results. Try issuing a press release on a Monday and try issuing one on a Tuesday. Which one performs better? 

Check the Frequency – Do you have target publications? When do they publish new articles? For example, a weekly publication may publish on Monday, whereas a daily publication may publish different features on different days of the week. If you have target publications for your release, find out when they publish stories about your industry or niche. Dig a little and determine when they start searching for new story ideas and information. Time your release to reach them during that search phase.

Talk to your press release distribution service. If you use a press release distribution service for your press releases, ask them when the best time is for distribution. Find out what their timeline usually is from receipt to approval and when they notice the best results. Timing matters, and finding the best time to reach your audience and your media targets can make a difference. 

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