How to Find Popular Hashtags for Your Press Releases

Hashtags aren’t just for social posts anymore. They can be quite effective in a number of marketing tactics, including your press release marketing. However, the key to success rests in two key variables. You want to make sure that your hashtags are relevant to your audience and content.  You also want to look for popular hashtags. This supports you to build awareness for your release and for your business. The following tips and ideas will help you find popular hashtags for your press releases.


Leverage Search Tools On Social Media

Most major social channels, like Twitter and Facebook, now provide search data like trending topics, popular posts, and popular hashtags. You can study this information over time and use it in your press release marketing tactics.

You can also do a quick trend search when you’re writing a press release, and leverage trending topics, searches, or news to grab attention for that press release. Keep in mind that your hashtags must be relevant not only to your audience, but also to the news that you’re sharing.

Leverage Online Hashtag tools offers a free Hashtag Encyclopedia. This simple tool can help you to quickly discover hashtags that are related to your content. You can then use them in your press release. You can also use this tool as your initial data collection and then you can head over to your social media outlets and see how popular those particular hashtags are with your audience.

For example, you might find that #sportsnutrition is a hashtag that is relevant to your audience, yet when you head over to Twitter it has very little traffic. Keep in mind that popularity isn’t always as important as relevancy. It’s often better to market to 100 people with specific interests and needs that you can solve than to market to 1,000 people who may only have a general interest in your topic.

Pay Attention to What’s Working for You

You may already be using a few good popular hashtags and not know it. Consider running an account checkup to see how your hashtags are performing. For example, offers both Twitter and Instagram checkups for free. You can also leverage social media analytics tools, as well as your own analytics. Stay on top of the hashtags that your audience responds to.

Create some type of data collection system to gather hashtag information. Note what’s popular, what’s relevant, and what works to boost your press release results. A simple spreadsheet should do the trick, and many tools offer compatible downloads so you can transfer the data right into your hashtag spreadsheet. Remember, hashtags aren’t just for your social posts. Leverage them in your press releases too.

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