What Is A Blogger Outreach Campaign?

A blogger outreach campaign is a handy new tool for spreading the word about your business and developing brand awareness without having to chase press coverage. While journalists will always have an important role in reporting the news, bloggers and prominent social media figures are gaining power and are now seen as authorities on a particular subject or niche. This being the case, starting a targeted blogger outreach program could earn you the kind of online attention you need to build your business.


So how do you create a successful blogger outreach campaign? Here are a few essential steps.

Study The Blog

Does it cover the kinds of things you wish to publicize? Does it fit with your niche topics? In short, is it a good match for your readers?

Search The Content Using Keywords

A good blog should have a search box. Find 5 to 10 articles with attention-grabbing headlines that are to your niche or industry. Use your main keywords.

Check The Style And Tone

Once you have spotted 5 to 10 articles, read over the content. Does the blog offer the right style and tone for your business? Some are well written and interesting, with a serious tone, while others try to be cool

Determine Where The Blog Content Comes From

Is the blog doing content creation, or curation? Is it original work, or an RSS feed? Some bloggers just run a blog for the sake of advertising revenue, so check to see if a real person’s name is on the articles you find a good fit for your business. If it is curated, research the source. If it is an RSS feed, research the original site. Look for contact information if available. Create a spreadsheet for future reference.

Be Strategic About Timing

Blogs are full of information and opinions but a lot of the content tends to be either a passing random thought, or an item on an evergreen topic. If you are going to give them newsworthy items, approach them well in advance. If you are going to do holiday tie-ins, for example, also approach them well in advance.

Write An Interesting Subject Line

You will be approaching bloggers by email. Write an attention-grabbing subject line to improve your chances of your email being opened.

Keep Your Request Simple

Write a quick pitch about whatever you wish to promote, such as a new product launch, event and so on. Answer the questions for them, “What’s in it for me if I write about this? What’s in it for my readers?” Words like exclusive tend to make them more interested.

Be Interesting

Tell them the essentials but leave them wanting more.

Make It Easy To Contact You

Include email, phone, and main social accounts.

Offer To Guest Blog

If you or your staff is very knowledgeable about a particular topic, offer a couple of guest posts or even a regular series. The one thing bloggers always need is more content. You will get links back to your site and free publicity.

Think Long-Term Relationships

If this blog is a key influencer in your industry, be as easy as possible to work with so they will want to keep publishing your content.

Bloggers are the newest generation of journalists, but unlike reporters, they can also express their opinions about what is worth paying attention to and what their readers should not waste their time with. Cultivate relationships with the top bloggers in your niche and see what a difference it can make to your media profile and your profits.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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