How to Find a Great Press Release Writer

A good press release writer is sometimes difficult to find. They don’t tend to market themselves too much because they don’t have time. They’re busy and their services are in high demand. When you do find your press release writer, you’ll be glad you took the time. A great press release writer can make your press release strategy a simple and effective process.

What is a Great Press Release Writer?
A great writer is someone who has an exceptional attention for detail. This is important in the media world. Journalists spend years in school learning their trade and they are critical of businesses that make careless mistakes in their releases. A skilled press release writer also understands the media. They know what the media wants in terms of information and they know how important a “hook” is to a journalist. They know how to find a captivating newsworthy angle for just about any topic or event.

So How Do You Find this Amazing Press Release Writer?
There are actually a few ways to find skilled writers. The very first step is to put the word out and to begin asking your business associates if they know anyone. Finding service providers through referrals is one of the best approaches. It helps you start your relationship with the writer on a positive note if you come through an existing client of theirs. It also gives you more confidence in the writer, which is essential for building a long term relationship.

Unfortunately, some businesses aren’t willing to share the name of their writer. It’s a bit like finding a babysitter that you love; you don’t want to lose them to another family, so you don’t share their name and phone number. Your associates may have excellent writers but they don’t want to lose them – so they don’t share.

Another option is to check on social media. Most press release writers and service providers have social media accounts and they use them occasionally. It’s a bit more effective than a standard search engine search because you can see that they’re active in social media and you can read their information and posts. You can also interact with them on social media and explore the possibility of working together.

Finally, you can check the freelance job sites like,, and Be discriminate here and look for writers who specialize in press releases. Ask for samples and check references. If you outsource through a freelance site be sure to start with a small project to make sure you’ve found the right professional for your business needs.

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