How to Create a FAQ Page for the Media

You’ve written a press release and distributed it to the media and the public via a press release distribution service. It’s grabbed the attention of a journalist. They click on the link and head to your website. What’s the first page they’ll want to go to? Where will they look for information? If you don’t have a media page then chances are they’ll head to your FAQ page. Your FAQ page is also likely to be one of the most popular pages for your other prospects and visitors. So how do you create a FAQ page for potential customers while also making it appealing and relevant to the media?

What Does the Media Want to See?
The media, and we’re talking about television, newspaper, web, and magazine journalists, want to see up to date information. If the information on your media page is more than a year old, it’s out of date. Make sure to create a content strategy that includes regular updates to your FAQ page.

Make Sure It’s Well Laid Out and Organized
Most people, the press included, aren’t going to read your entire FAQ page from top to bottom. What they’re going to do is scan your page for interesting questions and relevant answers. Consider organizing your content under subcategories. For example, questions and answers for the media, questions about your products, questions about your policies, and so on. Position the questions for the media at the top of the page.

Accurate and Timely Questions
Read through your customer and prospect interactions and search for actual frequently asked questions. What does your audience really want to know? This is useful information and it not only helps you craft good marketing content, it will help you create a relevant FAQ page. And chances are if your customers and prospects are asking the questions, the media will be too.

Well Written Answers
Sometimes we get so focused on the questions to include in your FAQ page and media kit that we neglect to craft well written answers. You want your answers to reflect your brand and your voice and mission. Consider hiring a professional writer to help write the content for your FAQ page.

A FAQ page should be an integral part of your website and your media kit. If you don’t have one, add it to your content creation and marketing strategy. Create a plan to have it updated frequently and pay attention to the questions your audience is asking.

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