Newsjacking: Relating Your Pitch to a Recent Story

Small business owners who write their own press release or media pitch, do not always receive the coverage they deserve. They have attempted everything. From perfecting their press release to working on their pitches, something is not clicking. Outlets are not picking up their story ideas.

Newsjacking might be the missing element to their success. Piggybacking on a recent news story relatable to their own release can surely capture the media’s attention.


Why does this strategy work?

The sensational news story being blasted online, TV, or through radio has already been “proven” to receive traction. While it may be thought of as “coat-tailing” to some, adding your own company take on it. You are offering your expertise in that situation to the media for helping them with the proven story.

In addition, the writer or influencer won’t be taking a chance on an “untried” story idea from you. It is something that already has been covered – in some part – and people have shown an interest in.

If it’s a popular enough story having additional commenters and experts weigh in on a story can often be seen as a big plus to media personnel. Running the same comments from the same people all of the time can get old quickly.

Breathing new life into a story that may be running out of steam on its own can bump their ratings back up.

Once you have your media contacts’ attention using this strategy, your business will gain more exposure because of your expertise that you’ve demonstrated. Each time you’re on camera or a quote of yours is used, make sure that your business name is appearing with your name. Wear company colors, logo, etc.

Make sure you have something relevant and informative to say on the story you want to add to.

Don’t just comment or attempt to tie a popular news story into a pitch, if it is only loosely related. Journalists, writers, and other media personnel are savvy. They will see through this unprofessional ploy in an instant.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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