How Blogger Outreach Can Improve Your Press And PR

There are many steps that you can take to grow your company. Press and public relations tactics have a long-standing history of successfully increasing reach, strengthening brands, boosting traffic and ultimately growing profits. Blogger outreach, while not quite as old as press and PR as a marketing tactic, has a similar effect on business growth.


And blogger outreach can have a snowball effect by helping to improve press and PR as well as many other marketing tactics. For example, blogging outreach can grow your email list, thus potentially making your email marketing more successful and more profitable. However, to truly understand how blogger outreach can impact Press and PR, it’s important to first understand what blogger outreach is.

What is Blogger Outreach – A Quick Primer

Blogger outreach is the practice of connecting with and building relationships with relevant bloggers in an effort to get them to promote your business. The blogger might write a post about your products, they might review your products or services, or they might publish a guest blog post or mention your company on social media.

A blogger can also partner with you to create a new product, service, or promotion or simply publish your advertisement on their page. There are many different ways that you can approach and benefit from blogger outreach.

How it Improves Press and PR

When you develop a relationship with a quality blogger, it improves your company’s credibility and reach. Both of these are important to getting good press coverage. If a crafting business can say that a well-known blogger reviewed and loved their products, that not only provides them with a great quote for their next press release, it is something that they can leverage when they pitch to journalists.

Reaching journalists and media representatives can be a bit of a process. Like blogging outreach, it is about building relationships. However, these relationships often overlap. For example, a solid relationship with a well-known industry blogger can give you an advantage when pitching to the press – and thus your circle of connections grows. Bloggers interact with the media as well.  You’re growing your circle of influence when you have a solid blogging outreach plan in place.

Strengthening your brand is also something that can be accomplished with blogger outreach. You’re able to reach more people and build on that awareness and recognition. This is something that journalists and media representatives value. They want to write about companies that are doing things in this world making a difference and companies that people know.

Finally, you may find that the opportunities you have through blogger outreach provide you with stories to pitch to the press. For example, a joint partnership with a blogger might be newsworthy. When creating your blogger outreach campaign and strategy, don’t overlook the overlap between outreach and press and PR. They can and do strengthen one another.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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