Have A YouTube Channel? How to Use a Press Release to Grow Your Audience

YouTube has come a long way over the past ten or so years. Today, there are regular shows that range from DIY shows filmed in home studios to professional productions.  Many online business owners and marketers use YouTube channels to connect with their audiences on a regular basis. This is the bulk of their content, and it’s how they provide value and build their brand and community. For others, their businesses are their YouTube channels. They earn an income, via ad sales and sponsorships, by being present and producing content on YouTube.


Regardless of your business model or how you leverage YouTube videos, it’s less effective without promotion. Like any type of content, you must promote it so that your audience becomes aware of your content. For example, you might advertise your YouTube show on Facebook or on another website with a similar audience as yours.

If you do have a YouTube channel, then you’re likely promoting it and leveraging many different tactics and marketing channels. Answer this question… are you using press releases to grow your YouTube audience? If not, then you’re likely missing out on viewers and potential income.

Today’s Press Release is Quite Different and More Powerful than Old School Traditional Press Releases

Today’s press release can integrate a whole host of smart marketing tactics and features. For example, did you know you can embed video into a press release? Did you know that you can share press releases on social media and make it possible for readers to like, share, or tweet features from your release? You can, and should, add images and links to your press release as well.

Some Things Remain the Same, It Still Must Be Newsworthy

Even though you can now add video, images, links, and social sharing features to your press release, one fact remains true. Your press release must be newsworthy. So how do you make a YouTube channel press release newsworthy?

  1. Interview someone notable. On your channel, during your show, interview someone that people care about. For example, a crafting YouTube channel that interviews or crafts with Martha Stewart is newsworthy to both Martha’s and the crafter’s audience. It would be of interest to the media and their community of followers.
  2. Share new information. If you occasionally conduct research, share that information on your channel and issue a press release to announce that new data. New research results are almost always newsworthy.
  3. Champion a cause. Sometimes you can tie your values and your video and your press release marketing all into one charitable package. You might host a video that honors a cause that’s important to you. The Ice Bucket Challenge is an example of a viral video campaign that took off. Participate on a big level or initiate a cause-worthy video and share the information with the media.

There are many additional ways that a YouTuber can leverage a press release to grow their audience. Think creatively. Remember that the larger your audience, the more people you’re helping, and the stronger your business becomes.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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