Simple Steps To Powerful Press Releases

Simple steps can be the key to powerful press releases. Powerful press releases can be vital to getting your story shared by overwhelmed media professionals. Overworked or overdressed press releases can get lost in the piles. Simple, precise, and clean press releases will get the attention of those searching for a story to share.

  1. Tell a story worth telling. A strong press release will be more than the basic information of the product. It will provide a personal connection to the story for the readers.
  2. Capture the essence of the story in the headline. Make the headline magnetic and engaging. It needs to be informative but can be informative with a twist.
  3. Share quotes from those that are connected to the story in different ways. There should be quotes from those in the press release. You can also include quotes from experts or industry leaders that relate to the topic within the press release without endorsing the company or product. Quotes make the story look more like an article than an announcement or ad.
  4.  Provide the details of the story. This is the time for the why, what, how, and when of the story. Keep the information engaging by looking for ways to show the details instead of just telling them.
  5. Include information about the company and about the people featured in the story. This information should be the locations, the training or relevant experience, or any other details that will help to personalize the story.
  6. Add testimonials from others that have been involved with the company (within context to the story) or that have been changed by the products. Readers want to feel connected to the story and testimonials can create that connection.
  7.  Bring a new twist to an old or ongoing story. If you want to garner attention from the media professionals, then the story has to stand out from others that are the same or similar.
  8.  Celebrate your uniqueness. Look for the elements that make your company or product different from those around you. It may be how your company was founded or the mission stated in your company plan. The uniqueness will help to create powerful press releases.
  9.  Connect to the community. Local publications are always looking for stories that connect to their readership. Seek out these connections and then find ways to feature them in your press releases.
  10.  Clean it up. Nothing will decrease the punch of a press release like typos and format issues. A clean and easy to read press release will help grab the attention of journalists and assignment editors.

The power of a press release comes with the application of the information by media professionals across platforms. Each day, the eyes of these professionals come across dozens and sometimes hundreds of press releases. Creating powerful content to catch their attention can raise you to the top of those piles. Simple tips can help you create clean and concise content that will result in powerful and engaging press releases.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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