Follow the Format for a Mobile Friendly Press Release

It is important to follow the format for a mobile friendly press release. Google recently released a new algorithm for mobile devices that gives more credence to content and websites that are mobile friendly. Experts that previously thought mobile devices would be the leading tool for Internet searches by 2016 are now saying that it happened at the end of 2014.

People are using their mobile devices to search for information and to get their news. Creating mobile friendly press release stories will allow you to take full advantage of this new age of information sharing.

Tips for Creating a Mobile Friendly Press Release

Avoid large data downloads – The more coding involved in the content, the more difficult it will be for the mobile device to process that information. Be certain to craft your press release so that it will be easy for the device to digest.

Test links – Mobile friendly means link friendly. Nothing frustrates a user more than finding that the links are broken. A quick check of links before sending out your press release can help ensure that you have done your part to produce strong, sharable links.

Keep it simple – Each device will display the content differently, so avoid fancy fonts or overcomplicated formatting. Simple text with quality infographics or images will provide mobile friendly content that others want to share.

Limit the content to one page – Most mobile device users want their content in concise chunks of information. Too much scrolling detracts from the story. Cut back on the words you use to create the press release and deliver precision content to your reader.

Use bullet points – Simple bullet points let the mobile readers get the basic ideas at a glance. You can highlight these bullet points by bolding the print or using italics so that you avoid code-heavy formatting within your content.

Make it email friendly – Be sure that you include a way for the mobile device user to send the full story to others or even to themselves in order to read later. Most mobile Internet usage is on the go, and the user will not have time to read the full story. If you include an easy email button then the user will be able to read the full story when they are in a more convenient situation.

Mobile devices comprise more Internet usage than laptops and desktops combined. Technology makes it easier for readers and subscribers to get their information on the go. Media outlets want to reach readers, and that means connecting with the mobile device user. That means that media outlets are seeking content that is mobile friendly.

Getting the most from earned media requires making stories that others will share. Adding s few simple elements to your content can allow you to produce the content that mobile users will appreciate. You will find that your story rises to the top of the list when you make a point of creating a mobile friendly press release. 

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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