The Best Places to Send Your Press Release

The best press release is one that is shared, so you need to find the best places to send your press release. It is not just about the great story, but also about the people that would be interested in that story. When you understand your target for the story, and for your business, then you can begin to craft content that will interest that market.

Steps to Learn the Right Media Outlets for Your Press Release

Know your target – You need to know who you want to reach with your press release so that you know where to go to reach them. Not all media outlets are create the same. Most will have a list of their target market on their websites, but that list will not mean anything until you understand YOUR target market. Most companies invest in a business plan that evaluates this target market. You can use this information to begin searching out the best media outlets for your press release.

Research the media outlets – Take time to get to know the unique media outlets. Review how they have handled stories in the past. Seek out the voice of the commenters on the pages. You can learn as much from the commenters as you can from the content regarding the voice and the direction of the media outlets.

Meet the media – Take time to attend events where media professionals will be socializing. You should avoid seeking them out in situations where they are working. So Chamber of Commerce events, or other similar opportunities can be ideal for meeting media professionals in person.

Follow up on press releases – Once your press release has been shared, you should send a thank you to the media professional that wrote the story. You may want to comment on the story or reply to any comments that are shared by others. Engage the one that wrote the story, but also engage the readers.

Watch your competition – You can often find the best places to be when you watch where your competition is actively invested. If your competition is being shared in a particular publication then you may want to target that same publication with your press release. Your competition should be aiming for the same target. Going where they go can help you find the best places to spread the word about your company as well.

Having something to share is only the beginning component for developing a press release. It is just as important to understand the media outlets. Learning about the target markets of the publications and shows can help you find those that align with your own target market. 

Knowing where to share your information can help you be certain that you get that information in front of the right people. Researching the media outlets and taking time to connect with the media professionals in a social situation are just two of ways that you can be sure to find the best places to send your press releases.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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