Connecting Your Social Media Platforms for Optimal Results

When it comes to marketing your business, the key for getting the best return on investment is to work smarter, not harder. So what does this mean when it comes to social media and your other marketing strategies? It means creating streamlined systems, not duplicating efforts, and leveraging every tactic as much as possible.


For example, you can issue a press release and distribute it to major news outlets with the service. You can also share that same press release on Facebook, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. You can take the time to upload the press release on each one of those sites and to later review and track the results independently.

Or you can cross-promote that press release across multiple channels, post the release from one site and have it distributed across multiple channels, and then review your results from one dashboard. Those are the three key components to connecting your social media platforms and achieving optimal results. Let’s take a look at them independently.

One Dashboard

There are social media services and providers that you can leverage which enable you to access one dashboard and publish across multiple channels. The same services often enable you to schedule posts in advance.

Here are just a few of your options:

  • Everypost – – Everypost is the social media publishing tool most acclaimed by content professionals, social marketers, SMBs and Digital Agencies. Everypost is the easiest way to create, customize, schedule and post content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and many others social networks.
  • Buffer – – Schedule your posts for later. Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. Get the most out of each post. It also supports users to choose which social sites they want to use to share each particular post.
  • HootSuite – – Users are able to post across multiple social networks from one web-based dashboard. You can also manage social media, track conversations, and measure campaign results. HootSuite also offers a custom built-in analytics system and the capability to schedule posts on all platforms.

Track Results – Analytics

No campaign is effective if you don’t set goals and track the results, and the same is true for press release marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. The best way to get optimal results from your efforts is to schedule time to regularly review your analytics and create systems to track your results. Now some of the above services to schedule and organize your posts also provide analytics. HootSuite offers one of the best social media analytics available. Regardless of this analytics service you use, make sure to add this process to your overall social media marketing systems. Analytics are too important to ignore.

Integration Efforts

Finally, it makes good sense to integrate your social media efforts. For example, when publishing a press release it’s a good idea to include your social media profile addresses. Similarly, it can be helpful to promote your press release on social media by including links and key information in your posts.

The same is true for cross-promoting your social media channels. When you’re on Facebook, let people know you’re also on Instagram, and when you’re on LinkedIn invite people to follow you on Twitter. The more integrated your marketing efforts are, the better your results will be.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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