Can Press Releases Be Written into Blog Posts?

One of the challenges with content marketing of any type, including press release marketing, is that you want to get the most from your content. Repurposing and reusing content can help get your message across to several audiences. This can also help increase awareness and engagement. Not to mention, stretch your marketing dollar!

Creating Blog Posts from Press Releases

One of the ways you can repurpose or reuse content is by making your release into a blog post. Those blog posts can then be promoted on social media via email!

Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations when turning a press release into a blog post.

Key Components:

Chances are, there are probably three key points in your press release that you’ve written to support your news.

For example: If you just release new research results, you will focus on three key points on how your work can impact the public. Each of these points can be expanded and created into separate blog posts or one long one. -It all depends on what your audience prefers.


The facts that you lay out in your press release can be turned into content. Blog posts don’t have to be text. You can create an infographic that represents your press release data.

Regardless of your content format, sharing facts from your release and expanding on them provides your audience with valuable content.


What about simply cutting and pasting the press release content into a blog post? You can do this, but there are some additional considerations. If you cut and paste, consider adding the phrase “press release” to your title so your readers aren’t confused. As you know, a press release has a different voice and tone and it’s probably different from your blog voice.

You can also keep the content but change the voice and language a bit so that it read more like a blog post and less like a press release. Just a little bit of formatting and editing should make this an easy process. When it comes to repurposing press releases, think outside the box a bit. Get creative and share your news with your blog audience in a way that they’ll appreciate and engage with.

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