6 Things That Make a Story Newsworthy

Any press release, story idea, or media pitch has to be compelling to both the journalist or media rep you’re trying to sell, and the audience you’re striving to connect with. That means it has to be “newsworthy.” Now you’ve probably heard that term often. To be newsworthy means that it must be relevant and timely. But there’s still a lot of confusion. So let’s take a look at what makes a story newsworthy.


  1. An Issue

A story is newsworthy if you’re covering an issue that impacts a large number of people. Now this issue or problem should be something that your company’s products or services, or your information, resolves. It’s not enough to say, “hey, we have a problem, here’s the problem.” You also have to show how you’re able to resolve it.

  1. A New Solution

Speaking of issues and problems, if you have a new solution for an old problem, that is always newsworthy. It might be a development or update on a current issue, or a resolution to that issue. Keep in mind that the problem still needs to be timely. If it isn’t a problem that is relevant to people, then your new solution won’t matter.

  1. A Hot Button Issue

Controversy is almost always newsworthy; however, you have to be careful with this tactic. If you can present a solid argument for your opinion or thoughts on a conflict or controversy, then go for it. If you’re concerned that your argument isn’t strong or that you may lose some credibility by taking a position, then look for another way to approach your newsworthy status.

  1. New Information

If you have new research, statistics, or results, then that’s a fantastic reason to issue a press release. The information is timely, and presumably it’s relevant to your audience, and therefore it’s newsworthy. Any time you have access to compelling or informative research, leverage it into a press release.

  1. Personal Interest Story

Now these don’t come along often. However, if you have a good “people” story, then you’ll have readers and the media’s attention. What’s a good personal interest story? You know the themes of a good story; rags to riches, a triumph against the odds, a hero story, and so on. If you have a customer or an employee that does something amazing, leverage it into a newsworthy story and press release.

  1. Local Connection

Every time something big happens in the world, if there’s a statewide or community connection, you’ll see it covered on the news. Why? Because people care. It helps people connect to situation. You can use the same tactic. If you have a local connection to a much bigger story, write a press release. It’s news.

The next time you’re sitting down to plan or write a press release, ask yourself if it’s newsworthy. Does it fit into one of these six scenarios? Does it impact lives and is the information timely? If so, then your story is solid.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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