5 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Press Release

The press release is a tried and true method of getting attention and building your business. They’re an essential element of a successful marketing and public relations strategy. In the good old days you had to make friends with someone at your local paper in order to get your press release published.

Today, technology has made press release publication as easy as clicking a button. However, to gain the attention you want, your press release needs to be well written. Writing a good press release isn’t easy. The following tips will help you grab attention and promote your business.

1. Spend Time On Your Headline
The headline is what your readers will see first. It’s the most important element of your press release. If it grabs attention, they’ll continue reading. If it’s lackluster, journalists and prospects will click away. Practice writing headlines. Review other press releases and focus on the ones that grab your attention. What do they have in common? Keep in mind that your headline must be accurate as well. There’s no room for exaggeration in a press release.

2. Get to The Point
There are key elements that every press release must contain. They are what’s called the 5 W’s, and that stands for the who, what, where, when, and why. Assume that your reader is only going to read the first paragraph and make it both compelling and factual. Get to the point in the first paragraph and then use the remainder of the release to back it up with supporting details.

3. Back it Up
Use statistics and facts to back up your information. Remember that one of the goals of a press release is to grab the attention of the media. (Yes, it does boost SEO, traffic, and sales too). Journalists like to see facts.

4. Add Personality
How do you add personality to a fact based piece of content? Use quotes. Quotes can be used both to support your information and they add voice and personality to your release. You can quote your own clients (with their permission of course). But don’t overdo it with quotes. A few strategically placed quotes can tie your paragraphs together and add interest.

5. A Call to Action
Please don’t forget to tell readers how they can contact you and what steps they might take next. For example, let them know that if they want to learn more they can visit a link, and then include that link in your press release. Consider creating a unique link to make it easier to test the success of your press release.

Writing a good press release can take time. When writing it, start by creating a rough first draft. Then work through the tips and steps above. Keep in mind that the release needs to cover the 5W’s in a succinct and creative way. Taking the time to write a good press release can increase the likelihood that the news will be syndicated and shared. It can drive traffic, grab coveted media attention and grow your business.

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