6 Places to Share Your Press Release for Maximum Exposure

You’ve written your press release and it’s ready to go. It’s perfectly edited, it answers all pertinent questions, and you’ve included a call to action. Now what? What do you do with that press release and where do you publish it?

Your Website
If you don’t have a “Media” page on your website or blog, create one. On your media page you can publish background information on your company, biographies and photos of key personnel, links to interviews and published articles, and media contact information. Also include your press releases with the most recent release first.

Trade Publications
Identify key publications in your niche and industry. Make a list of the media contact person at each publication and send them a copy of your press release. In most cases you’ll be sending the information online. Few publications deal with snail mail anymore. However, take the time to read their policies and procedures regarding press releases.

Local Publications and Media
Make a list of the local publications and news media outlets. Identify the contacts with each resource and their preferred method for receiving press releases. You can create an email group for quick sending. Once you create your list, keep it up to date. You can then distribute each new press release in a matter of minutes.

Social Media
You have two choices here. You can post your press release on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and so on. Or you can post your release on your website and then share a link to the press release on your chosen social media outlets.

Email Your List
If you have an email list, consider sending a copy of your press release to your list. Another option is to include a teaser for the release and link to it from an email message. Drive email click-through back to your website, where subscribers can read the entire release.

Press Release Distribution Sites
This may be your most powerful press release step. Publish your press release on distribution sites. A top quality site will not only get indexed by search engine spiders, your release will be distributed to various newswires. Good releases have the potential to be syndicated from press release distribution sites, which makes them powerful tools.

It’s not enough to write your press release and hope for the best. Actively work it. Share it on social media, publish it on your blog and send it to media outlets and industry publications. Broadening your publication outlets helps improve visibility.

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