Why You Need To Use Press Releases In Your Content Marketing

Using Press Releases in your content marketing plan can help you reach more readers. The content you create should be designed to get exposure for you and your company. The content serves as a tool to draw visitors to your site so that those visitors can be converted to customers or clients.

Top Benefits for Using Press Releases

– More engagement for your company. Press releases provide a wider range of publication options. Each new publication can be a format for engagement with potential customers and clients. The more engagement you create, the easier it will be to move from engagement to sales.

– More exposure for your products, for your company and for you. Each time a website or publication utilizes your press release – in whole or in part – it shines the light on your products and on what you and your company are doing in the community. Many marketing experts say it takes up to seven exposures before a person follows through with a purchase. Each time your press release is utilized it can bring you one view closer to that purchase action.

– Build authority for you in the industry. The more people see your name in the news the more they will associate your name as being an authority and a leader in the industry. This will lead to even more opportunities to be featured. Authority grows authority.

– Generate more sales leads. Content marketing seeks as its main goal the exposure to more readers. The more people that see the content about you, your business, and your products, the more potential sales you will generate from that exposure.

– Find unexpected customers or clients. Press releases reach people that might not otherwise come into contact with your content. The new exposure can draw those people to your website and to your business, leading to unexpected customers or clients not in your normal target market.

– Press releases provide free advertising when they are put to use. It is important to invest in professional support for building engaging and inviting press releases. Earned marketing can be a valuable component to any marketing plan.

– Raise brand awareness from exposure in the news. Crafting press releases that focus on an event or activity can give you and your company some well-earned brand awareness. The readers of the news articles will begin to associate your brand with a positive experience which can make them more likely to cross over from just a visitor to a customer or client.

Developing a strong content marketing plan can provide you with another tool for reaching your business goals. Content marketing helps you gain exposure that can lead to potential sales. There may be paid elements in your marketing plan, but you should also look at all of the earned media that you can leverage. Press releases can be one of these earned media outlets. There are a number of reasons that press releases should be part of your content marketing.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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