Why Understanding Press Release Analytics is Important

Which Metrics Should You Care About for Your Press Releases?

Headline Impressions

This number is the number of times your headline appears on the internet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your full press release is on each of those sites. Many sites use an RSS feed or news aggregator that includes your headline for your press release, but when a reader clicks on it, it takes them back to the published site.


Why is this metric so important?

Higher numbers of headline impressions means that you’re doing well with naming your press releases and even with choosing and using the right keywords in your headlines.

Full Reads for Your Press Release

The number of times that your entire press release was read. There is no set “good number” but it can depend on the market you target, your industry, or even what your press release is about.

What is the importance?

For starters, it’s important that you know where your readers are. This metric will let you know if you’re getting local, national, or even international readers. Depending on what you want to target, these numbers may vary greatly. This number will also tip you off as to which of your chosen topics is read the most. It’s important to know this so you can help guide future successes for PR campaigns.

Traffic Sources

This metric can clue you in as to where your “clicks” are coming from and, if you’re being found from keyword searches, what those keywords are.


Knowing those keywords that people are using to find your news will help you guide future PR campaigns.

Release Interactions & Clicks – This metric will clue you in as to what people do after they read your press release.

If you’ve invited them to visit your website or watch a specific video or some other action, this metric will clue you in as to what they do. Tracking the “clicks” will also help you to know if your press release is resonating with the public.

Why is this metric important? Knowing how people are using your press release and what next steps they’re taking is important so that you know if your press releases are actually prompting any further action or if they’re just skimming and then moving on to the next piece of news.

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