Why Personalizing Your Press Release Matters

Personalizing your press release matters because it allows you to hit the center of the target that you are trying to reach. It is about investing in the media professionals or media outlets so that you understand their story needs, and then crafting your press release to meet those needs and the needs of their readers.

Understanding the Path to Personalize Your Press Release

1. Read the publications that you want to approach. It is important to understand the stories that the publication currently runs. You will also want to understand the voice of the publication. It can even be helpful to find out the target market of the publication to see if that target lines up with your target.

2. Research the news to see if your story aligns with the news of the day. Having a newsworthy angle for your press release can be vital to getting the attention from the news media. Reading up on the news will help you see the unique way to personalize your press release.

3. Look for connections within the community. Media outlets that serve a particular community will look for stories that connect with that community. A press release that has been personalized for the community will have a better chance of getting the attention of the local media outlets.

Why Personalizing Your Press Release Matters

  • Personalizing your press release gives your story a way to stand out from others. Knowing the market and the media outlet allows you to craft the story so that it meets those specific needs.
  • Personalizing your press release keeps you from overwhelming media outlets with unnecessary stories. If you understand the needs of the media outlets then you will pass on markets that are not served by your specific story. If you are sending out irrelevant content to media outlets then those outlets will eventually stop paying attention to your offerings.
  • Personalizing your press release helps you hone your content. The tighter the writing of your story, the easier it will be for the media outlets to put that story to work in their publications.

Generic content sent to hundreds of media outlets might have a chance at being shared. But if you craft a strong press release that follows the industry standard format then media outlets might find it more easily in the noise of the hundreds of other stories.

Your story will stand a better chance of being noticed if you take the time to learn about the media outlets and their voices. Crafting your content specific to the target will elevate the chances that your story will be shared. It is not just about the story, but also how the story is told to reflect the market. 

It will take more investment to write personalized press releases, but it will have a better return than general and non-specific press releases. Adjust the content to meet the needs of the media outlets and their readers to raise your press release above the noise. 

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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