Why Is It So Difficult To Write A Good Press Release?

The press release is a simple document. It’s one page long, short enough that it should be easy to write. It has a formal structure, which should make it easier to write. You practically have a template to work with. It’s also very specific in terms of goals and objectives. Yet, the press release is consistently one of the most difficult pieces of content to write and to write well. Why is it such a challenge?

Your Audience is Different

Most content is written for your prospects and consumers. You know these people intimately because you sell to them on a regular basis. You talk to them daily through email and social media, and in fact you’re probably quite in tune with their needs, hopes, and dreams. The audience for a press release is the media. Unless you’re in the media, you probably have no idea what they are looking for and what type of information catches their eye or why. This can feel overwhelming. It can make you hesitate and gulp before your fingers ever hit the keyboard. It’s difficult to write for an audience you don’t know well.

The Burden is Heavy

There’s a lot riding on the success of your press release. Actually, there probably isn’t… but many people do put a lot of importance on the success of a press release. You may desperately want it to succeed and have visions of Ellen or Anderson Cooper interviewing you about your company. The truth is that press releases are like any other types of content. You may need to test and track a few different approaches to find out what works best for your goals and needs.

The Structure is So Rigid

While you might think that a formal structure would make writing easier, when you have a lot to say and you’re trying to say it well within a limited amount of space it can be extremely difficult. The rigid structure can make you feel like you’re trying to put together a puzzle but you don’t have all the right pieces.

Your Perspective is Skewed

Finally, press releases are difficult to write because you’re too close to the information. You know why the information is newsworthy to you. However, it can be a challenge to put yourself into the shoes of your reader. Why is the information newsworthy to them, and why would they care? It takes a special type of approach to turn information into a captivating press release.

With a little practice and persistence you can learn to write a good press release. And if it’s not something you are interested in learning, there are professional writers you can hire to get the job done.

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