What is the Importance of Your Press Release’s ROI?

Measuring your public relations campaign analytics can be challenging. But once you’ve tracked your results, it’s easier to set measurable goals. How exactly? By measuring and analyzing results. It makes strategically planning your next moves a lot easier. Hence, why understanding your press release’s return on investment (ROI) is essential to you PR and marketing strategy.


Do you know which numbers to really take a look at for your press releases?

How much time are you investing in your public relations campaigns?

This is not a stand-alone number, by any stretch of the imagination. But you should track how much time you are investing in each press release, including how much time you’re spending on distributing the news. While you want to invest time in this endeavor, you don’t want it to eat up all of your time. If you’re spending more time on the campaigns than is paying off, it’s time to start looking at revamping your procedures.

Who’s reading your press release?

Knowing who’s reading your press release can help you target your content for the marketing personas you want buying your products or services. It will also help you craft better calls-to-action for each of your targets that you are writing for.

How many “next steps” from your press releases are leading to sales conversions or sign-ups or other targeted calls-to-action that you want to measure?

Special note about tracking your clicks: Tracking only clicks to your website isn’t the best metric. Each click doesn’t necessarily become its own sale on your website. Clicks are important, but the sales from those clicks (conversions) is a much better metric to keep track of.

While each press release you send out should have a specific call-to-action (CTA), you don’t have to use the same one in EVERY press release you write. Ask for people to visit your website, view a specific video on your page, sign up for your newsletter or mailing list, or any number of other things. This specific ROI measurement can vary from industry to industry. Once you start tracking these, you’ll be better able to polish your content and receive the desired reaction from your readership.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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